Behavioral Styles Influence the Way You Interact with People

Determine Your Behavioral Style with These Questions

How do you respond to problems and challenges?

How do you influence others to bring them to your point of view?

How do you respond to the pace of the environment around you?

How do you respond to rules and regulations set by others?

Behavioral Styles Are Made Up of 4 Pure Patterns

Someone who has a high D behavioral style is both demanding and peaceful when they respond to problems and challenges.  Someone who has a high I behavioral style is both inspiring and critical when they try to interact and influence people.  Someone with a high S behavioral style is both relaxed and tense when they deal with the pace and consistency with the work.  Someone with a high C behavioral style is both worrisome and careless when it comes to how they deal with rules set by others.  When you mix and match these patterns of communication you get 16 variations.  The one’s that are above the mid-line are your strengths and the ones below the mid-line are your weaknesses.  This is an important factor to understand because you want to concentrate your work efforts in areas where you are the strongest and find someone’s whose the opposite of you whose strengths are your weaknesses. to do the rest.

When you look at the diagram above you notice that one is the face we show to the outside world, while the second one is our true self.


What the Wheel Means to You

Are you an:









When you look at the wheel and score your assessment profile, your score, based on your answers determines your behavioral style of communication and where you fall on the wheel.

Leading Groups

The biggest problems for entrepreneurs is delegation, even in a small business.  You want to control everything and that’s a recipe for disaster.  Delegating or outsourcing if you are a solopreneur, is the key to maximizing you strengths to accomplish your goals and managing your time to your best ability.

When you talk in a language your audience understands, then you achieve better communication and you audience is willing to work with you as a team.