Comfort Zone: How to Break the Boundaries and Soar

Your Comfort Zone

Psychology defines it as your mental boundary.  That place where you feel safe, comfortable and in control, and no stress.  It’s a behavioral pattern that fits a routine that you practice on a daily basis that makes you feel at home.

When you get too comfortable in your comfort zone you are less productive and get lazy.  You lose your motivation to get ahead.  It takes courage to move away from this stress-free place and to build up your self-esteem.  Learning to face the unknown becomes easier over time and can be very liberating to you.

What Leaving Your Comfort Zone Means to You?

  • you feel more in control of your life
  • you expand your social circle
  • you build self-esteem
  • you increase your self-confidence
  • you raise your self-awareness
  • you feel more comfortable when you experience the unknown
  • you learn to look at old problems in new ways
  • you learn to cope better with the unexpected
  • you learn to push yourself better in the future
  • you learn new skills and ways of doing things
  • you become more productive and creative

Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

You believe that things can change–your thoughts have power and the more you tell yourself that you are successful the Stronger you become and the fewer limitations you have on yourself.

You accept the challenge

When was the last time that you completed something that you are proud of?

When was the last time that you really challenged yourself?

Look at yourself as someone who can leave your comfort zone and accept challenges and set goals and reach them.

Change your mindset–Don’t play it safe and look at challenges as A positive. Over time the discomfort will change and feel more comfortable to you as you slowly move from your comfort zone to set goals.

Change your daily routine–work reaches a habit so you need to start slow with something you would normally do.  Look for things that can help you stretch your personal boundaries.

Start something that matters–when you set goals to break them down into smaller activities that are achievable.  you can’t change everything overnight so start slow.

Lose the fear–Everyone who is been successful has also failed at one time

JK Rowling was a single mother who had her manuscript rejected 10 times before it was published

Walt Disney was struggling to pay rent and put food on the table along with being right bankrupt before starting Disneyland.

Thomas Edison was deemed stupid and unteachable like teachers before he obtained 1000 patents for his inventions.

Milton Hershey dropped out of school in the fourth grade, was fired from numerous jobs and started several companies before he started the Hershey Company.

The best way to overcome this fear is to focus on the process not the end result.


How can you expect to grow if you keep doing the same routine and don’t change?

The challenge comes in the growth. if you are willing to transform your life and move out of your comfort zone you can create a transformation in your life.  What you’re actually doing is reaching for self-actualization.