Complex Relationships Work By Making a Commitment to the Relationship

To make a complex relationship work the two parties in the relationship have to want to stay together and put every effort into making it work.  Sometimes, that not always a guarantee that the relationship will go the distance.  It doesn’t matter who you are—you can be a couple that truly loves each other, but personalities will always clash.  That’s just natural.  Especially between brothers and sisters.  Parents often repeat the same things to their children that their parents did to them mostly because their rationalization is that they turned out alright.  Often they don’t realize that deep down they may have issues going on inside themselves that affect how they treat the people around them—their spouses, their children, their co-workers

Relationships are complex—you bring your personal baggage with you, even if personalities fit each other you’re going to clash with each other.  Relationships are made of a lot of details or small parts that make it difficult to understand or deal with.

What Makes Relationships Complex

1. Technology– –Today, many people are attached to their electronic devices, especially to their tablets and smartphones.  So much so that a group of young people can be sitting at a table together and instead of talking they’ll text each other.

2. The Past– —Sometimes people have been involved in one bad relationship after another, and you bring that baggage into the next relationship.  It doesn’t matter how your new partner treats you, you can’t help but remember the past and respond accordingly.

3. Things Move Too Fast —-Things can move too fast between two people.   Subconsciously we don’t want things to move at the fast pace they are currently moving at.   You often hear the couple talk about taking it slowly, but then your emotions take over and things start moving faster than you want them to and it’s hard to slow the pace down.

4. Indecisiveness—-people don’t even know why they have to complicate things, and this can lead
to them being involved in a relationship that is always on and off. Love can be made to be more complicated because one person in the relationship is constantly changing their mind.   Some people based on their personalities can be indecisive and need guidance when it comes to making decisions.