Dreams Are Your Subconscious Goals for the Future

dream big – set goal – take action, handwriting on a notebook with light bulbs

You Can Make Your Dreams Come True

The only constraints that you have are the ones that you place on yourself. Dreams are just our subconscious mind taking control of our lives. While we sleep we dream of ways we can work through tough decisions to strategize the future that you want to have(where you want to be from where you are now). What holds us back are the conflicts created when our conscious and subconscious minds are battling each other(the conflict is within us, not from outside sources).

The best way to avoid these conflicts is to get rid of all the negative thoughts that we have about ourselves. In the Laws of Attraction, we learn that when someone thinks positively, the Universe will bring to them the energy that will help them consciously make the right decisions for their future goals. What holds someone back, are the tapes played in their head, that others have told them about themselves, that play over and over again in his subconscious thoughts, because they have bought into someone else’s view of themselves, rather than forming their own beliefs about themselves.

As children, the world is open to us and we believe that we can achieve anything in life. Even though education is important, often education teaches us to conform to the norm, therefore, when someone is different they become ostracized. Therefore, because it is an innate part of our being to be accepted as part of the group, someone will vary your true feelings and goals to conform to the group, even if they are different.

Dreams Are the Ambitions You Have to Strive For


In certain circumstances conforming to the dictates of society can be good, but in other circumstances, this can hinder someone from achieving their personal goals in life. Here are some suggestions on ways to become individualistic so you can reach your personal goals in life:

1. Write out a personal goal you have for success in business.

2. Write out all the steps you need to take to reach that goal.

3. Break down each step, and then break it down even further to all the activities that will help you reach that goal.

4. Have a partner that you can work with who you can bounce ideas off of so you don’t make any mistakes about your future.

5. Make sure that person is an objective outsider who will not sabotage you.

6. This may need to be a mentor who supports and believes in you, rather than a family member, because even though they may have your personal happiness at heart, they may not always want to see you reach your personal goals because it makes them feel inadequate in reaching their goals.

We live in a society where family members can be jealous of one another. Even though they mean well, they often don’t know what is best for their child. When the parent refuses to give up their power over their child it creates conflict. This is why even though parents mean well, they don’t always give their children the best advice for them.

The result that occurs when the child becomes a teenager, they often begin to rebel against their parents, when their parents try to tell them what to do. Each generation is different because each generations experiences are different.

Your Past Influence Your Dreams and Ambitions

For instance, an adult who lived through the Depression and World War II,  have difficulty relating to someone who grew up using technology. Millennials grew up with computers, therefore, they understand how to incorporate and utilize technology to build their own business. For many adults from Baby Boomer generation, who grew up expecting to go to work for a company for their whole lives, have difficulty dealing with a child who changes jobs often for advancement in their career.

For someone who grew up in a society using low-tech things like a typewriter where they needed carbon paper to make copies, they often have trouble understanding how to use a computer where they can make corrections easily and print copies from a printer. Because the Baby Boomer generation expected to work or someone else all their lives, even though their parents were small businessmen, they expect their children to follow in their footsteps and work for someone else even though the job market has changed.

Some people have difficulty dealing with the change due to their personality, while others refuse to change and have an open mind when it comes to adapting to the new workplace. This is why it is important for someone who has goals in life, to make sure your mentor is impartial and understands what is happening in the world as far as technology and the workplace.