Mind Body Spirit Balances Out Who We Are on a Daily Basis

Mind Body Spirit

Mind, Body, Spirit means that your well-being comes from your physical health, plus your mental health and spiritual health as well.   All have to work in unison to help you reach your maximum potential.

Physical health is taking care of yourself. Taking care of yourself by eating healthy, exercise, and any health issues you may have.  Remember something that everyone body type and bone structure is different.  Eating healthy means working with a nutritionist to determine what’s a balanced diet for you.  If you don’t work with a nutritionist do your due diligence to balance out your diet.

Mental Health can mean many things.  But for our purposes here we’re going to say it’s balancing out your life so that you’re not overwhelmed or stressed out over what you’re doing on a daily basis.

Spirit refers to your beliefs.  You can be spiritual without following any religious beliefs.  Think about the Native American and their spiritual beliefs and practices.  They took care of the land and hunted for the game when they needed food to eat.  They knew how to care and preserve the land for future generations.  It was only when Europeans came to the USA, that things began to change with the Industrial Age and pollution, that land became abused.

Forest fires and floods with an overabundance of rain are natures way of taking care of the land.  It’s only when people started to tear down the trees and industrialization took place that we started to damage the landscape.  Cities have outgrown their infrastructure and that’s increased natural disasters.

The Importance of Balance in Your Life

When all these things are in harmony in our lives we work at our maximum potential.  Eating healthy and exercising help keeps your mind sharp and gives you the energy you need to stay focused during the day.  Food acts as fuel while exercise tones the body and muscles.  With good mental health, you can stay focused on the project at hand.  Your religious beliefs are influenced and based on the teachings and practices your religion dictates. Judaism was the first to teach about one g-d, while Christianity started with Catholicism and the belief in Jesus as the son of G-d and the virgin birth. Muslims believe that Islam is the Universal version revealed before Abraham, Adam and Jesus. They believe in the teaching coming from Allah and that man came from a clot of blood.  Muslims believe humans are the greatest of all creatures, created with free will for the purpose of obeying and serving Allah.

Your religious beliefs determine how you live your life.  People who can’t accept that they made poor choices as teenagers, especially in Christianity will often take the cop out that the devil made them do it, especially why it comes to getting hooked on drugs and alcohol, instead of accepting the fact that they had the ability of free choice and free will.  In other words, it was their choice to try these things and their genetic makeup determined whether they got hooked or not because some people have an addictive behavior pattern.

As teenagers, it’s natural to want to explore the forbidden fruit as you may, then as you mature you start to make better choices in your life when you start thinking about a career.