Perfectionists Put Unacceptable Burdens on Themselves and Others

As a perfectionist, you put high expectations upon yourself and others which are not always attainable.  Who are we really? We’re human, we have flaws, and we have unfounded fears.

Love Yourself First

We need to love ourselves first and except all our flaws as a part of who we are. Often we expect perfection from ourselves because along the way others expected it of us. Those were messages given to us that we internalized and put undue expectations upon ourselves and the people around us. Life is always a challenge to overcome personal obstacles in our lives.

FEARS can be both founded and unfounded. By unfounded I mean that those fears were passed along to us by an important person in our lives, while founded fears all those fears we have from experiences we had in the past which led to those fears. Those fears also worked as a break on the car to stop us from moving forward in our personal lives or reaching our personal goals.  Those fears can also lead us to addictions and an addictive behavior patterns.

Releasing the Burden

No one is perfect or should it ever expect themselves to be perfect. Perfection is also a part of our genetic makeup and for some people, this comes naturally as part of their behavioral style. For those people, that behavior pattern falls above the midline, while for others it falls below the midline. Having that as part of our genetic makeup helps us to keep moving forward even in the face of failure, to reach any goals that we set ourselves and to never give up.

Having this is a part of our genetic makeup allows us to experience and learn to overcome obstacles that we place it in our way. But for some people being a perfectionist means they get stuck because they keep trying to do the same thing over and over again thinking they can do it better even though they don’t need to.

Why Accepting Yourself is Important

Once you release yourself from the expectancy of perfection then you are opening yourself up to succeed long-term. Here is a description of what a perfectionist is:

Perfectionist is systematic, precise thinkers and workers who tend to follow the procedure in both their personal and work lives. They are extremely conscientious, they are painstakingly detail oriented and accuracy on everything. They desire stable condition and predictable activities, and cannot stand a change when it happens.  These are great qualities to have because you know that person has your back and will always be there when you’re in need, while at the same time they can drive you crazy because they have to make sure all the U’s are dotted and all the t’s crossed.

These are all important factors in our lives, but we do need to learn to be adaptable because our environment is in constant change, technology is always finding new things to do to make it easier for our lives, and the work environment is constantly evolving.