Hire a Coach to Enhance Your Career or Life for the Future

Hiring a Coach

Top 3 reasons to hire a coach:

  1. Develop your potential                                                      48%
  2. Act as a sounding board                                                    26%
  3. Address derailing behavior                                               12%

Where do you fall on this spectrum when it comes to needing a coach.  What are you willing to pay for a certified coach?  It’s no longer up to the company to hire a coach to help you.  Now it’s up to you to hire a coach to help you advance your career and live your life to the fullest.  It depends on what you’re willing to pay, but you can pay as much as $500./hour to a coach with a good track record when it comes to helping their clients succeed.

The Changing Job Market

More and more, the public is changing how they buy their products and services. Sites like Amazon and eBay helped bring this change about.  Millennials are the target market that companies consider having the highest buying power.  Since they grew up in the computer age they have no problem ordering online, to pick up their order at a window, or have it delivered directly to their home.  To keep up with the times, companies have to change how they sell their products.  Today, every small business has a website, along with corporations.  Corporations have to change with the times, so a new industry has been born:  ordering you products online and picking them up from a take out window.

New companies open their doors every day. They aren’t selling their products in stores but through websites.  They set up an affiliate program, where a customer can refer the product to their friends and earn commission on sales.  As an employee move thinking about leaving the corporate world to work from home in your own business as an entrepreneur, you should plan to hire a coach to help you make the transition smoothly.


Why You Should Hire a Coach

In corporations, senior staff positions get more coaching than anyone else in the company.  Therefore, today you should hire a coach on your own to improve your skills, to become more valuable to the company you work for or improve the odds to find a position with a different company. With retail stores cutting back, the competition is getting worse for a job in the retail business, therefore, you need to improve your skills to stand out in the crowd.

Coaching is aimed at individual development.  To help you with improving your skills in networking, interviewing, leadership, and exploring all your career options, ie how you can transfer the skills you have now from one field to another.



Life Coaching Improves Your Coping and Stress Skills as You Transition in the Workplace

As employees transition in the job market, they’re experiencing more stress in the personal live.  When you hire a coach to help you establish more balance in your life and dealing with stress.  A life coach can help with learning to build your self-esteem by believing in your ability to succeed at anything you choose to do, balance your time for work and play that affect your personal relationships, and ways to reduce stress in your life with stress management skills to reduce the physical affects on your health’

The main reason to hire a coach is to help you make changes in your life, but if you don’t make the effort or want to make the effort to make changes in your life, you’re defeating the purpose of hiring a coach.