Self Employment: Why You Should Consider It

Here are ten good reasons why you should consider self-employment:

  1. Being your own boss. This might be the first good reason for someone to choose self-employment route to success. Being your own boss would mean you will not have to deal with difficult higher-ups, who dictate and tell you to do everything.
  2. Work from home. If you have some spare room in your home, you can transform the decor into a working space. Working from home means you will not have to worry about being late for work or get stuck in a traffic jam to commute to work every day. Additionally, self-employment offers you the comfort and flexibility of managing both professional and personal obligations such as taking care of children and family needs.
  3. No more rush hour stress. Commuting to work and being stuck in the traffic for long, ends up consuming your productive man-hours while draining you off energies, to get started for the day on a high note. Not to mention all the rush hour stress to reach office on time.
  4. Earn more, spend less. Working for yourself means you can manage your own salary. Even better, your income won’t get reduced by additional expenses, such as travel to work, health insurance, or even gas costs.
  5. Work wherever you want. Being self-employed gives you the privilege of choosing your own workspace. You don’t always have to stay at home. When you want some fresh air, you can work from your favorite cafe, local library, or even in the park.
  6. No more uniform. Say goodbye to uncomfortable business suits and stifling ties. Being able to work wherever you want, allows you the comfort of stepping out in denim and sneakers without being bothered about sticking to a formal dress code. You are only required to dress up in formal professional attire when meeting clients face-to-face. Apart from which, you are free to choose anything you are comfortable donning.
  7. Experience a dynamic workflow. Now you can set your own working schedule, which means you don’t have to deal with routine and tedious agenda.
  8. Better work-life balance. If mountains of tasks are piled up, and this prevents you from joining a family gathering? Be rest assured. Self-employment will give you a better work-life balance, as you can manage your own schedule and workload more flexible.
  9. Choose your own clients. When you are an employee, you are obliged to serve the type of clients/customers you particularly dislike, but those who continue to be patrons of your employer brand. Sometimes you are also required to deal with dissatisfied clients or customers, who tend to burden you with additional responsibilities beyond your job scope. However, when you decide to go self-employed, you can choose your own clients that suit your working style and preferences.
  10. No more drama. Some people find it easier to concentrate in solitude and silence. If you belong to this kind of personality type, then being self-employed is a great alternative. You don’t have to be distracted by co-worker drama or trivial gossips.