The Difference Between a Boss and a Leader: What Are You?

It is better to be a leader than a boss.  You may be the best boss in the world but unless you show concern for your employees doesn’t care.

In the early part of the 20th Century as companies were growing to become corporations, the atmosphere in the workplace was very different—owners cared about their employees and employees were loyal to the company. At that time there was an unwritten rule you had a job for life and that change during the late 80’s and 90’s when corporation offered buy-out packages to employees who retired early. That is no longer true in corporations–headhunters go after managers for the companies they represent and employees have no loyalty to a company today.

A leader leads by example and they’re willing to work alongside their followers for good of the mission–they consider everything a team effort!

8 Essential Qualities That Define Great Leadership

  • Sincere enthusiasm. True enthusiasm for a business, its products, and its mission cannot be faked or taken away
  • Integrity in how they treat the people around them.
  • Great communication skills.and can convey a message so that everyone knows exactly where they’re coming from
  • their followers not just to themselves
  • Decisiveness, when they make a decision they follow through
  • Managerial competence. …
  • Empowerment.–empower their followers by allowing them to have their followers be a part of the decision making
  • Charisma— they are so well liked and draw people to them without really trying to

Take a look at the six basic leadership styles, including when they can be applied effectively and when they should be avoided.

  • Coercive.–they can get followers to do whatever they want them to
  • Authoritative- they talk with command
  • Affiliative—they belong to more than one group and can get them all to work together.
  • Democratic—they include everyone’s opinion in the decision making
  • Coaching–able to get everyone to use the same formula
  • Pacesetting —set the pace for everyone