Online Reputation Management & How It Affects Your Online Reputation?

Your online reputation management is determined by your blogs on websites, the pictures you post on social media, and the kind of messages you send. We don’t always think about our online reputation and the digital fingerprint that remains behind.

It’s not just your followers that read your postings, but also your 2nd and 3rd° connections on social media. LinkedIn has the widest reach although Facebook has the largest number of members.

Social media is a great way to connect with people you don’t know, but you also need to be aware of the impression you leave by the kinds of postings and articles that are linked to social media.

Online reputation management (ORM) is about improving or restoring your name or your brand’s good standing. This is by countering, weakening or eliminating the negative material found in the Internet – defeating it with more positive material to improving your credibility and customers’

Just a few years ago, the internet was very different. Companies were not engaging customers but just selling to a passive audience; people could not express their voice in a powerful way, and the overall communication landscape was very “top down.”

The situation has radically changed. Today, websites are no longer static brochures. User-generated content is a must. And regular interactions on social networks are vital to any business success.

Things You Should Monitor to Protect Your Online Reputation

  • company name
  • product name and brands
  • set up your own daily alerts to monitor mentions and reviews

The main reason you want to protect your social media online reputation is that any negativity can cause you to lose business. Some of that negativity is of your own doing based on the practices of your business and business dealings. As a reputable company you can control that negativity, but at the same time, there will always be people who have problems with any business no matter how good they are and choose to put up negative reviews.

Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation

One of the best ways to control your online reputation is to build relationships with your customers and potential customers. Another way to improve your reputation is to offer more value for your services than you actually charge in fees. Make sure to post testimonials from customers who have had a good experience with your services, as future customers will often read these testimonials before they make the final decision on who they do business with.


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