Work From Home as a Career Life Coach Virtually

Career Coach

Life Coach

What’s the Difference Between a Career and Life Coach

Career Coaching focuses on:

  • People in career transition
  • People with a big career decision to make.
  • People in a corporate job or considering one.
  • People struggling with the decision of whether to stay in a job.
  • People who would like to work with a coach familiar with the following:
    • The changing expectations of employees and employers;
    • Trends in the workplace;
    • Values and issues of loyalty and security;
    • Specific evaluation criteria for one’s company, future or career satisfaction;
    • Determining one’s readiness to strike out on her own or look for another career.
    • The stages of career transition – how to get started, interview, negotiate, obtain the best offer etc.
  • Many individuals considering starting their own business may work with a career coach who also provides small business coaching, to balance their current career activities with their passion for starting a new enterprise.

Life Coaching focuses on personal issues in life, such as:

  • Life planning & Life vision
  • Extreme self-care
  • Spirituality
  • Relationships (Singles, couples, families, etc.)
  • Health & Fitness
  • Creativity
  • Financial Freedom
  • Organization
  • Attention Deficit Disorder



A Career Life Coach works with clients on both their careers and personal life to find a balance between the two.  This can be done in several different way:

  1. Face-to-face
  2. Virtually through a video platform, email, or phone


Working With Your Clients Virtually


You can work with clients from anywhere in the world today.  Use sites like Zoom or Go To Meeting where you schedule meetings and send the link to the client so they can sign into the room and you can work together face-to-face even though you’re not in the same room.  As a Career Life Coach, you can not only work with clients virtually, one on one,  but also offer group webinars.

Create Powerpoint slides of your presentation.  On the Zoom platform, you can share your screen and use your slides to give your presentation.  On Go to Meeting, you have to upload your slides to their platform before you can use the slides to give your presentation.  The first presentation should be a free presntation, where you over deliver on your promise.  Once your customers can see the value of what you have to offer you can upsell them on a paid presentation.  Then, once your customers have become your clients you can then offer them the opportunity to sign up with your company as an affiliate and refer new customers to your presentation and you pay them a commission on sales.

There will always be a need for Career Life Coaches since the job market has changed.  Young people struggle to find a balance between their career and home life, which has an adverse effect on their relationships.